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Free Professional photos for Commercial or Personal Use

Free Professional photos for Commercial or Personal Use

LiveSmartVideos is making some professional photographs available free for your personal or commercial use, provided you clearly credit below photo when you use it and provided that you do not resell the photo. Many more photos to come soon. Enjoy! [NOTE: This applies only to photos on this page. It does not apply to [...]

Food For Thought: Is Your Local Water the New Oil? See the trailer for “Tapped,” an award winning documentary:


Affordable, clean, local water resources are essential for life, a healthy environment and the ability to grow local food.

Some American towns have given control of their local water resources to corporations and others are considering doing so in the future.

The documentary, “Tapped” explores the risks involved in making that choice, and health issues raised by bottled water.

Jamie Oliver at Work on the Foundation of Health: Real Food

Tomato Plate

Jamie Oliver has come from across the pond to start a food revolution in the United States, in the hopes of helping us to become a healthier country.

Here Jamie talks about eating trends that we must change right now if we want current and future generations of Americans to live long and healthy lives.

Koalas and the Environment

One of the Very Best Ways to Invest Your Money:

Picture 15

Sit down and write the most useful check ever. Just 250 dollars will change someone’s entire life in a number of meaningful ways. This organization is really inspiring and so are those who volunteer their time and money to make new smiles.

Australian Sunset Photo (© 2011, Meghan Halverson)

Australian Sunset Photo (© 2011, Meghan Halverson)

This is a Eucalyptus Tree at sunset on the Sunshine Coast Australia.
by Meghan Halverson

The Story of Stuff Project & a Critique of the Story of Stuff


The Story of Stuff Project works to give viewers a big picture view of the root causes of issues that affect our daily lives, health and our future. But not everyone agrees, so we’ve included a critique of the same video. What do you think? How do these arguments square with what you have experienced in your own life and see happening around you?

Wales took concrete action to create green jobs!

Jobs Created by Green Scheme Green jobs are set to be generated in Wales after the government announced a new home improvement scheme. The arbed initiative, which translates into English as ‘save’, will upgrade the energy efficiency of homes with the installation of green technology such as retrofit exterior wall insulation, solar panels and heat [...]