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Uncommon sense lights up homes without electricity at no cost!

Uncommon sense lights up homes without electricity at no cost!

A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to lighting homes without access to electricity. See how an empty soda bottle and some water provides light for many who had previously lived in the dark during the daylight hours. *Thanks for the tip, Marc!

Jamie Oliver at Work on the Foundation of Health: Real Food

Tomato Plate

Jamie Oliver has come from across the pond to start a food revolution in the United States, in the hopes of helping us to become a healthier country.

Here Jamie talks about eating trends that we must change right now if we want current and future generations of Americans to live long and healthy lives.

Natural Green, Healthy Lawn

Too few people consider the potential health affects on pets and children when choosing an approach to lawn care.  There are plenty of effective, natural and non-toxic ways to have a great looking lawn that will not pose a threat to your health or that of your family. Organic, non-toxic lawn products are available today, [...]

Seasonal Changes


BBC has always given us a broader view and amazing imagery. Enjoy the latest video clips from a noteworthy source as seasonal change engulfs us around the globe. Climate change may alter or delay a process but the circle of life evolves daily and brings forth energy and beauty! Check out this link to view [...]

Spring or Autumn is in the Air


Depending upon where you live around the world, seasonal change is in the air. For the editors of LSV and the Green Living Series, it is spring and time to get out there and begin the process of creating your organic garden! What better way than to view and purchase our Organic Garden Video! The [...]