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Body Brush for a Better Detox
By Natasha Clancy

Ever wondered why some people’s skin glow, or why they radiate health? Of course a healthy diet and positive outlook help, but regular dry skin brushing also plays an important role by removing toxins from your body. Especially when combined with a raw food detox.

Just like the kidneys and liver, the skin is an organ in your body that eliminates waste. Even without frequent brushing it discharges more than a pound of waste products each day. That’s the weight of a small bag of sugar. Regular body brushing promotes detoxification by improving circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage. It can also improve the appearance of your skin.

Regular body brushing helps to:

Stimulate Circulation – Dry skin brushing can help to tighten the skin by increasing the flow of blood. Improving the circulation to the skin can also help lessen the appearance of cellulite. Always use a proper long-handled body brush made with natural bristles. Synthetic ones can damage the skin.

Improve Lymphatic Flow – Brushing in long, sweeping movements towards the heart helps improve lymphatic flow. By brushing in this way we help to transport toxins to the lymph nodes so the body can effectively remove them. Removing the toxins can give you more energy, sharper focus and help you stay in good physical shape.

Enhance Skin Appearance – As the skin cells move to the surface of the skin, they die. But in times of less moisture such as winter, it can take the skin more time to shed dry, dead cells. By body brushing you help to shed the cells and improve skin texture and cell renewal. Dry skin brushing also helps your skin to absorb nutrients by eliminating clogged pores.

How to brush:

Start brushing before you have a bath or shower – you want to remove the dead skin cells after you brush. Apply gentle pressure to the skin using upwards movements, so from the hands to under the arms and the feet towards the groin. Don’t worry if your skin goes a little red (known as erythema). This shows your circulation is being stimulated, and is normal.

Top tips:

1. Clean your body brush using soap and water once a week and dry it properly to prevent mildew.

2. Avoid sensitive areas and anywhere the skin is broken.

3. Following your brush, massage your skin with pure plant oil such as almond, jojoba, sesame or coconut.

4. Consider a raw food detox for ultimate detoxing.


Natasha Clancy is owner of Raw to Door, a juice and meal detox service helping to change people’s attitudes to juice cleansing and raw food. Detoxing is often perceived as difficult and stressful. Our aim, through providing tastier, accessible, flexible products, is to exact positive change on the nation’s health, to help cut obesity levels, and, ultimately, transform lives.

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