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What’s So Hot About Hot Yoga? Part 1: Hot Yoga and Weight Loss
By Rhonda Uretzky

You’ve heard that hot yoga helps you get the kind of burn that leads to faster, more powerful weight loss. How does happen? By engaging your mind, body and spirit in the weight loss process.

To be effective, a workout should make you sweat and increase your heart rate. True hot yoga offers 26 poses in over 100 degrees of radiant heat. In just 90 minutes, you get a full body workout that works everything, from the inside out. And that’s way cool.

Here’s a complete look at what’s going on inside you physically, when you’re inside the hot yoga room:

Muscles are toned.
Circulation is increased.
Joint mobility & range of motion are improved.
Gravity is used to build strength.
Blood and calcium are brought to the bones.
Your immune system is boosted as lymph is pumped.
Lungs are stretched and flushed.
Internal organs are massaged.
Toxins are squeezed out
Blood, oxygen and nutrients are delivered throughout your body.

How does all of this lead to weight loss?

Warm, toned muscles burn fat more easily, of course. But Hot 26 yoga goes further and engages many of your bodily systems and functions – digestion, respiration, endocrine, lymphatic and elimination – in the weight loss process. A health circulatory system has a very positive effect on metabolism and increases the ability of your body to shed weight more effectively. You may notice your your appetite normalize (and likely decrease…see if you feel like eating after an evening hot yoga class and if you do, see what food choices appeal to you…how about salads and smoothies? These will sound really good after a class…bacon and potatoes? Not so much) and you will more than likely lose all your cravings for unhealthful foods.

Improved circulation promotes overall cleansing. Your lymph system is pumped, flushed and used more effectively, helping to restore your body’s natural cleansing mechanisms. And you aren’t just imagining a smoother complexion. After hot yoga class, your skin just glows as those pores open up and are “flushed” clean. That goes for your hair, too.

Fat deposits are also released and sometimes, those fat deposits are even the cause of stiff joints, so be prepared for increased flexibility along with better-shaped body parts as those fat deposits get broken up and “burned out.” Those hot stretches and compressions push out subcutaneous and lipid fats from tummies, hips, thighs, buttocks….and who needs it there?

Now, muscle can weigh more than fat, but shape up: these are GOOD pounds! You’ll look more shapely – and your clothes will fit better. Check out your legs, thighs and calves; measure your waist; watch yourself transform class by class. This heat helps contour and create muscles that are sleek and defined, not bulky.

And lastly, hot 26 yoga makes a warrior out of you – and weight loss is just another powerful result in a series of personal victories. With a steady, three-times-a week hot yoga practice, you will realize increased willpower and mental strength that will help you maintain your resolve to lose weight and keep it off…and perhaps accomplish a host of other goals in your life.

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